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3 Reasons Why Remote Workers are an Asset to Companies

There was a time when companies couldn’t imagine allowing employees to work from home even occasionally, let alone every single day. Thankfully, that time is ending. More and more successful companies aren’t just adopting a work culture that allows employees to work remotely – they’re encouraging employees to do it,

HR Policies in the #MeToo Era

In October of 2017, the #MeToo movement exploded in the media, and inspired upwards of 12 million men and women to share their experiences of sexual assault and harassment. This viral phenomenon has created a surge of awareness surrounding issues of sexual harassment in the workplace, and rightly so. In

How To Write an Effective Year-End Review

Year end reviews are an interesting subject.  Due to their predictability and regularity, many employers and managers view them as a just another item to “check off the list” before moving on with business.  It has been proven, however, that delivering an effective year end review to employees can make