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WorkHarmony is a modern global holding company for companies servicing candidates, employers, and partner organizations that are shaping the future of work.

“Our mission at WorkHarmony is to serve people that find their next career opportunity.  Through our companies, we will deliver on this mission through a white glove service specifically seeking to help companies that are building more inclusive and accommodating workforces to find, attract, and hire those with disabilities, veterans, and other diverse groups of highly qualified candidates. ”
—Alex Murphy, CEO



We analyze information about professions, jobs, resumes, CVs, companies, culture, cities, and people to build personal career paths for individual workers based on their desires, goals, aptitudes, past experiences, personal skills inventory, and aspirations. Employers are able to find candidates that will be best suited for their organizations through real time recommendations and assessing where their companies are going, not where they have been!



We work with a number of companies.  These are our premiere valued partners that provide solutions that are an integral part of our businesses.


Meet Our Team


Alex Murphy


Patrick Grant

President A6 Staffing

Amy Warren

Vice President Marketing


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